6 Fun Rewards All Employees Want To Get From Their Company

Successful companies know how to take care of their employees. It is their way to show their appreciation for all the dedication and hard work that they put into their work. Rewards can also inspire them to do better and achieve a specific milestone in their career. By recognizing their contribution to the company, you will also encourage them to stay with you for a long time. You can use some peer-to-peer recognition tools like Redii and other similar software to determine if your employees deserve a gift for their hard work. 

Top 6 Fun Rewards All Employees Want To Get From Their Company

Fun Rewards All Employees Want To Get From Their Company
Fun Rewards All Employees Want To Get From Their Company

If you already know who deserves a reward in your team, here are several unique reward ideas that everyone in your company would want to receive. 

Wall of Fame 

One of the simplest but highly effective ways to commend your staff is by letting everyone in the company know about their milestone. You can either put a particular spot in the most visible wall in your office to post the names and pictures of anyone who achieved a particular goal. It is also one of the most cost-efficient ways to reward your employees. 

Dinner with The Boss

All employees strive to become the boss of their own company. To give them more inspiration to achieve that goal, you can reward them with a special dinner. It will allow them to enjoy a good meal with the highest person in the company’s hierarchy. It could also be an excellent chance to hear some of their ideas to help improve the status of the company. As a bonus, fostering an excellent professional relationship between the boss and the employee will also result in a better sense of community inside the office. 

Free Lunch (Or Dinner) For the Team

If the entire team did something commendable, you could give them an all-expense-paid lunch or dinner treat to compensate for their hard work. It will also allow the team to spend more time with each other outside the office. Allow them to choose where they will have their meal and what to order during their team bonding experience.

Parking Spot for The Week

Another unique but highly useful reward that you can give your employee is the honor of using the best parking spot for an entire week. One of the biggest dilemmas that employees face when going to work is finding the closest parking area in the office building. If you let them use one of the spots reserved for the top management of the company, you will inspire them to go to work regularly.  

VIP Tickets 

The millennial members of your team will significantly appreciate receiving complimentary tickets for the latest movies or concerts in the area. To make it more special, you can give them the best seats that you can buy. Be updated with the latest concert schedule and movie line-up and announce it to the team. Give instructions on how to get hold of the ticket so they will strive hard to earn it. 

Latest Gadgets

All employees would want to own the latest tech accessories such as tablets, smartphones, speakers, or smartwatch. Since all of these usually come in a hefty price tag, they would do anything to get it for free. As such, they would strive harder if you inform them that you can give them a new gadget if they achieve a particular milestone. You may use a rewards catalog such as the one provided by Redii to let them know which gadget reward they can get for their hard work. It will encourage them to stick around to get more perks.  

Aside from these rewards, an honest and straightforward Thank, You Note from the top management can surely boost the spirits of any employee. You must be generous in handing out these notes to let your team know that you appreciate all their efforts. If you continue to recognize and reward them for all their contributions, they will not hesitate to repeat it all the time.