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Elfster Login – Complete Step by Step Process at



Elfster login of is an online login facility available for customers who want to be part of their available services. Anyone can easily enter their registered online portal using login credentials. To know about the login process in brief, please read the terms given below.

Elfster Login

Elfster Login

Elfster Login

A software application that commonly provides a social networking facility is known as Elfster. This firm is strongly related to the concept of ‘Secret Santa’ and is related to gifts and surprises.

Elfster Login [Step by Step]

In order to access the benefits that are related to Elfster, you should have username and password handy with you and the simple and quick step by step process here is going to help you with the procedure easily.

Only thing is that user who want to access the benefits that are related to Elfster, should have a good internet connection in their device and then, He or she should first visit the official site via the link of its homepage that is

As you follow the link, you will land directly onto the main login page of that site and there you have two ways available to make a login:

  1. Via entering username and password
  2. Signing in with your Facebook account

So, choose the way suits you the best and in case you are going through Username and Password entry section, simply enter the correct username in the first section and followed by its related password in the next section but make sure that the login information entered by you matches with your registered account and then only it will accept your login or else it will show you the error.

After all the thing goes well, simply visit click on the ‘Sign In’ button that is available below.

This way you have made a successful login to your registrar account.

Forgot Your Password? Get a New One Here

Due to various reason, you might not be able to remember your password many times and this further might be creating a problem in your login. Hence in order to create a new password, you simply will have to follow the below-given instructions here.

Reset Your Password

In order to recover your forgotten password, you simply have to visit the main login page of Elfster.

As you land onto the page, you can find the option of ‘Forgot Password?’ available just below the Login Button on that main login page.

Just click on that link and in the next step you will be redirected to another new page where you will have to enter your username or email in the space available there.

Now submit your email address there in the given space and click on the ‘continue’ button that is present there and this way you will be able to create a new account.

Not Enrolled Yet? Get the Process Here

All the above process of service utilization occurs only if you have a registered account with Elfster and hence if you don’t have one for you and don’t know how to make an account, you can simply follow the below-given step by step process that helps you with the same process easily.

The first step is to Visit the login page of Elfster which you can do from the above link given.

Now simply navigate to the below-given login space.

  1. There you will find the option of registration and hence Choose ‘Join Elfster’.
  2. This process takes you directly to the main registration page.
  3. On the same registration page enter your first name and also your last name.
  4. Next, enter your username and related password in the next step.
  5. Now here type your email in the next step.
  6. Next, choose your gender.
  7. Then simply enter your correct date of birth.
  8. Now simply click on the ‘Join Now’ button below.
  9. This way you are able to create a new account successfully.

Final Verdict

Elfster Login which is the only key to give you direct as well as secure access to your registered account with it, helps you avail all the benefits with a quick go. Hence while you have read the article above you might have become clear with all the facts that are related to the login process of the site and also with all the data that helps you recover your forgotten password in future in case you do so.

Further, the registration process also helps you in case you don’t have an account with it. Hence hope by now you are clarified with all the process regarding Elfster Login. Further in case you are still confused or have any feedback related then you can simply make use of the below-given remark section.

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