Download Latest Nothing X App Update 2.3.8


The Nothing X App has a new update [2.3.8] that you can download via this detailed guide on “Nothing X App Update 2.3.8”. This update makes the app work better and helps it connect more easily. It also fixes some small problems to make sure the app doesn’t crash. With this update, you can also use the new CMF Buds Pro. It’s 89.17MB and you can get it from the Play Store.


The Nothing X app works with the Nothing Phone (1) and the new Nothing Ear (1). The Nothing Ear (1) has a big 11.6mm speaker, sound from Teenage Engineering, can block out noise, can play for up to 34 hours, and is very light at 4.7g.

Nothing X App Update 2.3.8

Download Latest Nothing X App Update 2.3.8
Download Latest Nothing X App Update 2.3.8

September 30, 2023: Nothing X App Update 2.3.8 Brings Support For CMF Buds Pro

The Nothing X app is getting a new update. It is version 2.3.8 and needs 89.17 MB to install. This update will make it easier to change settings and improve how you use different features. It also adds support for the new CMF Buds Pro.

May 30, 2023: Nothing X 2.2.3 Update:

The Nothing X app has a new update in May 2023. It is version 2.2.3. This update makes some features better to help the app connect more easily. Also, it fixes some problems to make the app work better and not crash. Users have to download a 45.7MB update from the Play Store to get these improvements.

  • Nothing X 2.2.3 Update – Link

April 11, 2023: Nothing X 2.2.1 Update:

The April 2023 Update for the Nothing X App is here. It’s for Nothing devices that have version 2.2.1. The update is 44.18MB big. It fixes small problems to help the app work better.

  • Nothing X 2.2.1Update – Link

Nothing X 2.2.0 Update:

A new update is here for the Nothing X app. It’s version 2.2.0. This update makes some features better so the app works smoother and doesn’t crash. Also, it now works with the new Nothing Ear 2 earbuds. Users need to download 22.32MB from the Google Play Store to get the update.

Nothing X 2.1.2 Update:

The Nothing X app has a new update for January 2023. It is version 2.1.2. This update makes the app work better and not crash by improving some features. To get the update from the Google Play Store, users need to download 22.32MB.

  • Get the Latest Nothing X 2.1.2 Update – Link

[Dec 21, 2022]

Nothing X 2.1.1 Update:

Nothing X has a new update in December 2022 from the Google Play Store. This update makes the app work better by fixing things and adding general improvements. Also, it adds a Material You theme icon that you can use on your home screen.

  • Version: 2.1.1
  • Update Package Size: 22.3 MB
  • Compatibility: Android 12 to Android 13
  • download link

Nothing X [Ear (1)]

Last year, Nothing introduced the Nothing Ear (1). Then, in November 2022, it changed its name to Nothing X. This app lets you make your listening your own by changing settings and using special features.

In November 2022, they also started using a new look for the apps and changed their names. This new look makes using the app better by making pairing and setup easier. It also makes gesture controls better and gives a new equalizer experience.

With this app, you can change many settings for the Nothing TWS. Here are all the settings you can change:

  • Change between Noise Cancellation modes
  • Change gesture controls
  • Change equalizer settings
  • See battery levels
  • Update firmware
  • Get help and tips
  • Use more special features

Devices that work with Nothing X:

  • Nothing Ear (1)
  • Nothing Ear (Stick)

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