April 10, 2022

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows? [Practical Answer]


People took renters insurance without knowing what are the things covered or what not? In that, case, we insurance experts need to clarify a few things to insurance cover holders. Recently, one of my friends who lived on rent wanted to know Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows or if the owner of the house has to bear the loss.


Well, you don’t need to find out the exact and practical answer to this insurance query, as at Geeknism, we always believe to provide practical answers so people will get the answer in one shot.

So, without further ado, let’s start this guide and understand, are broken windows covered in renters insurance or not?

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows

Practical Answer: A renters insurance policy will not cover broken windows if the windows belong to your house, but if it belongs to someone else’s window that personal liability coverage will cover the damage.

Important Points to Know for Renters Insurance Policy Holder

  • If you are found liable for the damage to broken someone else’s window, then based on Personal Liability Provision, a renters insurance policy may cover the cost of repairing.
  • If your house window was broken, and it is not safe to live without safety, then under loss-of-use coverage, renters insurance policy will bear the cost of a nearby hotel or temporary rental.

How Does Renters Insurance Cover Works in Real Life?

First, you have to understand exactly, what things are covered under the renters insurance policy.

Well, it will cover your Personal Property, Personal Liability, and additional living expenses in the case, where you’ve to live somewhere else while broken things are being repaired.

But, this policy will not cover any type of maintenance issues to the rental property. Damage to any physical things related to the house or building, such as broken windows, broken doors, and broken TV will only be covered under landlord insurance.

What If I broke someone else’s Windows Accidentally?

If you are the one, who broke someone else’s window accidentally (not with the intention to break), then the personal liability portion of the renters insurance policy may cover the cost to fix it.

When Does Renters Insurance Cover the Broken Window?

There are so many maintenance issues in every homeowner, such as Pest Damage, broken appliance, broken doors, etc. all of these maintenance demanding things come under the landlord’s responsibility to repair or replace.

But, in the case of property damage to a neighbor such as a window, parking gate, door, etc. then you’re liable, and your renters insurance should be cover the damage, based on the situation and policy of the insurance company, which you must read before buy renters insurance policy in the United States of America or any other tier 1 country.

About Personal Liability Coverage for Broken Windows in Renters Insurance:

While talking about the personal liability coverage may cover the legal expenses, when you are found liable for injury or property damage. That means, if you are found liable for the damage of other property such as a broken window, the renters insurance coverage may pay for the cost to repair the window.

Once you filed a claim, the company will examine the situation and if you are found liable, then the company will reimburse the cost of the window.

About Loss-of-use Coverage for Broken Windows in Renters Insurance:

The loss of use or additional living expenses of the renters policy will protect the policyholder if the home becomes uninhabitable. If your window was broken and there is no safety for you to stay in that property, then renters insurance loss of use coverage will be paid for you to stay in a hotel while your home gets repaired.

In Which Situation, the Landlord Liable to Pay for Broken Window?

In daily life, Landlords are completely responsible to fix the damages in the rental property, but they are not responsible for reimbursement or fixing the personal property.

If the rental property window was broken because someone tried to enter the property, then, in that case, the landlord’s insurance comes in.

But, if you throw something on the window to break it, and the landlord proves it, then, in that case, the landlord has the right to repair the things with the security deposit money or just make you pay for it.

What if My Friend or Known Broke the Window?

If your friend, partner, husband, wife, brother, sister, known person broke the window then also you’ve to bear the loss.

What Type of Damage Comes Under Renters Agreement?

Most of the time, landlords share the agreement of rent where you can find a section that highlights what type of damage comes under your rent agreement and what are things, you will be responsible for as a tenant.

If you throw a party and people who attend the party, break your window, then it will likely be your responsibility to fix it.

Top 10 Examples of Damage to a Rental Property

  • Holes or tears in linoleum
  • Burns or oil stains on the carpet
  • Pet urine stains on walls and carpet
  • Holes in walls, not from doorknobs
  • Torn or missing curtains
  • A broken windows or missing screens
  • Watermarks from overflowed sink or bathtub
  • Cuts or burns on countertops
  • Unauthorized painting
  • Broken toilet seat, tank, or handle

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How to File a Claim for Broken Window in Rental Insurance Policy?

If your window is broken, and you’ve been thinking, about whether my rental insurance policy will cover this damage or not, then simply do one thing, contact policy provider right away without a second thought and file a police report too.

You should then connect with your landlord to alert them about the damage to the property so that they can secure the property in the meantime.

If you break someone else’s window and you want to file a claim, then you should immediately take a photograph of the broken window because this will help you to share the proof with your renters insurance company.

Then you should connect with your insurer and most renters insurers need you to file a claim within 24 to 72 hours of the incident.

Prepare These Important Things to Make Process Easier for the Company:

  • Renters Insurance Policy Number.
  • Police Report Copy.
  • Proof You Collect such as Photos, Videos

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So now you have the complete information on “Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows” and at the same time, once you file a claim, your insurance provider will assign you a claim adjuster who will investigate the case.

If you still have any doubts or queries then you can drop them in the comment section below and we will connect with you in the same comment section with the solution of your query.

Please share this guide with your friends and family, so they will also be aware of this situation.

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