Cube Solitaire Game Strategy – For decades, Solitaire occupied an essential position in the list of card games. The game was preloaded on PCs and aided people in mastering the use of the mouse to click, drag or drop items on the screen. 

Even today, the game has its fair share of takers, and desktop users continue enjoying this game when they are bored or need to pass the time. However, the rapid move from desktops to smartphones demanded a few changes because people still looked forward to playing Solitaire. Cube Solitaire came into the picture as an online version of the classic Solitaire card game.

Cube Solitaire Game Strategy for Steady Wins, Peace

Cube Solitaire Game Strategy

The game is played with four suits and fifty-two playing cards. It is fast-paced, competitive, and quite intense. Unlike the conventional game, Cube Solitaire is designed for inpatient millennial gamers but everyone needs Cube Solitaire Game Strategy. The game isn’t a never-ending one, and it comes with a countdown timer. Each match lasts for about three to five minutes, and you can compete with online players in real-time. 

What’s more, you ask? There are ongoing battles, contests, and multiplayer tournaments for you to participate in and win cash prizes. You can choose to play the game in 1V1 game mode for pure entertainment or opt for the 1VN game mode to win real money. Whatever option you select, stay assured you will have a great time. 

When it comes to beating online opponents with varying skills and experience levels, it won’t hurt to get a little help. So, if you want to know how to win Solitaire Cube, these are some strategies that will aid you and enhance your winning chances. 

Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Playing Practice Games

So, you know the game’s rules, and you’ve played it before. Even if you’ve played Solitaire before, you won’t have any problem getting the hang of Cube Solitaire. That’s great, but before entering multiplayer tournaments, it is essential to brush up on your skills. These tournaments do not spare anyone, and there’s cut-throat competition. 

Playing practice games will help you implement the different strategies and review their outcomes. It will also allow you to go head-to-head with real-time online players and learn how to handle pressure. 

In the practice games, you’ll find all the key features of the tournaments, except for the chance to win money. 

Don’t Have A King Card? Don’t Rush To Empty Tableaus

You must avoid the rookie mistake of emptying tableaus without a King card waiting to occupy the space. Without the King card, the column will remain empty and unusable. So, you’ll be wasting an entire column and restricting yourself. It might backfire on you and give your opponent a competitive advantage. 

Therefore, don’t rush to empty a tableau unless you have a King card. 

Attack The Larger Stacks First Before Moving Onto, The Smaller Stacks

Revealing hidden cards is a vital component of Cube Solitaire. You need to pick the column with large stacks to uncover hidden cards. It would be best if you attempted to thin out these columns as quickly as possible, so there are more face-up cards. You can only move the face-up cards in the game, and therefore, this is important. 

Don’t Forget The Importance Of Color When Filling An Empty Tableau Spot

Will you choose the black or red King to fill an empty column? The decision is crucial and must not be taken lightly. Whichever color King you select, it will dictate the color order for that tableau. Therefore, you need to consider your Queen or Jack cards to decide which color King you need to place on the empty column. 

There’s No Point In Attempting To Build Ace Stacks

Initially, it might seem illogical, but if you move cards to the foundation or the upper Ace stack, you are creating problems for yourself. It will make it harder for you to work the piles below. It would be best to think when building your Ace stacks because the cards you move into such stacks cannot be recovered. Therefore, you may end up losing the game. 

Did You Reveal The First Deck Card? Do It Now!

Another mistake that players are guilty of committing is building piles and moving cards on the tableau without flipping over the first hidden card of the upper deck. It is recommended to reveal this card as quickly as possible because you’ll get additional options to build foundation decks or build piles underneath. You can move cards up to the foundation deck according to the actual value of the cards. 

Try To Uncover The Face-Down Cards As Early On In The Game As Possible

Face-down cards are challenging to handle. These cards offer low mobility, and you must watch out for the opportunity to free them. Try to uncover as many hidden cards as possible whenever you get the chance. So, attempt to reveal as many cards as possible to increase your potential moves. 

Always Move Cards With A Purpose

Moving with a clear purpose is a mistake. It’ll make you lose the game. You need to shuffle the cards from pile to pile but with a clear objective. If you randomly move the cards, you’ll end up locking the cards behind the lower cards, which is a recipe for disaster. 

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Summing Up

You need to play Cube Solitaire distraction-free and try out these Cube Solitaire Game Strategies and plans before entering multiplayer tournaments. These tactics will aid you in increasing your winning chances and beating the opponents.

By Karan Bhardwaj

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