Hello and welcome back to all iOS users on Geeknism, today we are going to cover another important topic to which our readers finding answers. In this article, today you will learn what does crescent moon icon in messages means and why iPhone or iPad shows this near your message’s sections.

There are so many iPhone or iPad users who still don’t know why this crescent moon icon appears in the iMessage status bar. Though, Apple already shares the difference between status icons and symbols on the iPhone or iPad.

Crescent Moon Icon in Messages

Crescent Moon Icon

But, if this information from Apple won’t satisfy you then don’t worry, we are going to share in-depth information on what does it mean and how any iOS user can disable or enable this moon icon in iMessage.

So, the crescent moon icon is mean that your iOS device is in the do not disturb mode. So, whenever your iPhone or iPad is set to DND Mode, you won’t get any type of notification for the call, message, or any other alerts from other apps.

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Crescent Moon Symbol in Status Bar

If you can see the crescent moon symbol in the iMessage status bar, it is simply showing that your iPhone or iPad is in Do Not Disturb Mode. Basically, DND Mode helps iPhone users to silent calls, messages, notifications, and other alerts.

Enabling this will prevent all types of sounds, vibrations and users who enable DND won’t get any type of notifications and this is the real meaning of the Crescent Moon Symbol.

To enable or disable “Do Not Disturb Mode” go to settings > Do not Disturb.

Crescent Moon Symbol in iMessage running on iOS 11/12/13/14

What we personally love about iOS is that it allows you mute individual messages, and if you can see the crescent moon symbol in messages. It means you have already enabled Do Not Disturb Mode. You won’t be notified by any sound or vibration but don’t worry your messages are visible on your iPhone screen which you can see anytime.

How to Remove Crescent Moon Symbol from iPhone or iPad?

  • First, click on the Messages App icon to open the official messaging app of the iPhone.
  • Now, open the app and tap on the “i” or the details button on the top-right corner.
  • Now, click on Hide Alerts.
  • The Crescent Moon icon will disappear from the left side of the messages.

This process will help you to disable DND mode on your iPhone for a single conversation. The crescent moon icon will be disappeared from the left side of messages.

What is the Difference between Blue Crescent Moon Icon vs Gray Crescent Moon Icon?

Difference between Blue Crescent Moon Icon vs Gray Crescent Moon Icon

If you are an iPhone user and use the messaging app, then you might see a blue or gray crescent moon icon on the left messages. For the blue icon, it means you still haven’t read the message and for gray, you already have read the message.

Final Verdict:

So, now you have a real and perfect answer on what does crescent moon icon in messages in iMessage on iPhone or iPad. If you still have any query then you can drop your queries in the comment section and we will fix your query with the proper answer.

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