Have you ever played the traditional brain game Sudoku? We are guessing you must have played it once in a lifetime or by now you have heard about this game a lot. Well, just like Sudoku, The Block Champ falls into the category of brain game. You will have to match puzzles that are not at all as easy as it sounds. But hey that’s what it takes to make a game interesting, you find your way to solve the puzzle stage by stage in this Block Champ Game.

Though researchers are not much sure about the advantages a mind game has on us, we cannot entirely deny the good sides of mind games. A mind game can assist you in developing responding ability, enhancing memory, or helping to become sharper in responding to situations. 

Block Champ Game

Block Champ Game

So, it all comes down to the fact that brain games can help to train your brain. If you want to pass your free time with something entertaining as well as helpful, then The Block Champ Game is a good option for you. 

What is Block Champ Game?

Being a 10×10 game Block Champ features some unusual lighting tiles. You have to fill the blanks within columns and rows with supplied forms. There is a grid and one must drag the shapes around. To proceed you have to smash the frozen tiles two times. You will be awarded a unique lightning bonus when you manage to place two lightning tiles in columns or rows. 

Some people ask about the use of lightning-bolt blocks. Well, they are without any question is useful. Especially when you need clear rows and columns to make room for new forms. 

In case you have enjoyed Tetris, you will settle down with this hard puzzle game. To do well in this game you need to fit oddly shaped pieces as much as you can. 

A Game with Strategy 

Mainly, you must instigate your strategy to do well in this game. Like most other 10×10 classic games The Block camp will look familiar. However, it is not so when it comes to strategy. When you fill the blocks you get to clear the row and column. The frozen tiles are different on the other hand; you have to break them twice to vanish. If you have lightning tiles in your bucket, then it’s an advantage, you can clear a frozen row instantly by collecting two of them. Not just that, your point will also intensify with each line clearance. That’s how you make a perfect score. 

Why Should I play the Block Camp Game?

Today’s world of the internet, computers and digitizing make us pretty confused about everything. Now there are too many things to see and we remain confused about the direction we should focus on. In situations like these games like Block camp will come handy. Now you may ask how can it be helpful in such situations? It is really simple, this game helps you to put your concentration in one direction. 

When you will give the effort to clear lines by correcting the lines, your brain will perform actions to bring out possibilities. Thus, you can drive your focus fruitfully. Also, it enhances the brain’s capacity to come up with solutions and multiple ways out. 

Where can I play The Block champ?

There are several online sites to play games where you will find the Block champ too. For instance: Arkadium.com, washingtonpost.com, puzzles.msn, mindgames.com, drifted.com, and more. 

To start playing the game, you have to click on the site and log in through your mail or Facebook ID. Along with many other interesting brain games, you will also find The Block champ on these sites. 

One thing might turn out to be bothersome about these sites until you accept their cookies. It’s the advertisement every time you start playing. 

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Nonetheless, games like The Block champ are exciting and helpful when it comes to positioning the blocks. In the long run, it can also help you in developing logical planning and thinking. 

To do better in this game you will be needing a few things: grids with free space, how to fit the pieces, and which row you should aim to clear first. 

Now, you are ready to fill the columns and rows and attain points in the Block Champ Game.

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.