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7 Best PS4 Pro Cooling System for 2021



Best PS4 Pro Cooling System – Playing too much PlayStation will not do you any good. This statement might sound like what your mom would say, and we know she’d be right.

Best PS4 Pro Cooling System in 2021

Best PS4 Pro Cooling System

It might not just harm you but also your PlayStation. Now that alarms you, doesn’t it? But here’s a piece of good news for you, you can save your PS4 by purchasing the best ps4 pro cooling system.

Acquire the most satisfactory PS4 experience with the best accessories, including the best monitor, headset, external hard drive PS4, and a cooling fan. Buying a PS4 pro doesn’t come cheap; hence, buying something to extend your monetary asset’s lifespan is the least you can do. It’s not just the price but also the emotions it brings out of you that make you care about it. So, when we tell you to buy a cooling system for it, you must. Do not let your PS4 Pro overheat because, just like you, it too needs to cool down once in a while.

Among many ps4 pro cooling systems in the marketplace, we guide you among the list of only the best ones. We know you’d want to spend the time to play your games instead of researching about these cooling systems, so we cut you some slack. Below are the seven best cooling systems for your PS4 Pro in 2021.

Regular PS4 vs. PS4 Pro

Let us first go over the distinction between these sisters. Amongst many reasons, the primary reason PS4 Pro has the edge over PS4 is the support PS4 Pro has over the library of games and better consoles. PS4 Pro also has a higher resolution going up to 4K. For gamers, it is a feature more important than anything else.

[Top 7] Best Ps4pro Cooling System

The wait is over; here are the top-rated PS4 Pro cooling systems:

  • KingTop Vertical Stand Charger 

This cooling system is spectacular in appearance with a weight easy to carry along with you. You don’t have to worry about your over-heating of your beloved KingTop Vertical Stand Charger; it contains two fans along with two charging stations so that you can charge both the controllers at once.

Along with dual charging, it has the feature of fast charging, which is the market’s desired feature.

It stands vertical, so it doesn’t take up much space. It contains a non-slip mat underneath that keeps the consoles still and prevents it from falling over. It also gives you a 2-year warranty.

  • Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Pro with a Cooling Fan 

Fans are built-in to enhance the circulation system of air. This system helps you go hours into the game without needing to charge it, along with dual-controller chargers.

It charges your controllers faster, and being dual makes both the controllers ready for a long time of gaming. Two LED charging meter lights indicate the battery life, and two HUB & 1 USB ports permit more connections in the USB devices, like a mouse and keyboard. It is best for PS4 Pro, though it might not be for a regular PS4.

  • ADVcer PS4 Pro Vertical Cooling Stand

It is vertically placed to keep your console steady. There are two built-in fans for the prevention of overheating of the PS4.

ADVcer PS4 Pro vertical cooling stand contains 3 USB or HUB Ports. It also has a smaller cooling stand with more robust fans, although they might make more noise than others.

  • INSTEN Vertical PS4 Pro Stand

This PS4 Pro has three additional USB ports and two charging stations beside the cooling system. It is small and versatile, containing LED lights to indicate how much charging it has.

It has two built-in cooling fans that keep your console evergreen by regulating its temperature. It has dual controller charging docks, which indicate the status by either red or green. It cleans up your gaming setup as you place the console on the vertical stand. It also has 3 USB ports from which you charge other devices too.

  • FastSnail Vertical PS4 Series Stand

This PS4 cooling stand has three fans, a dual-charging DualShock controller station, along 12 slots to hoard your CDs of the game. It can work with PS4 Slim, too, but it is best for PS4 Pro.

It has one port for USB with dual cooling fans, helping the console live a longer life. The charger ports show red and blue indicators for charging. It has a simple, user-friendly design. You do not need cables in this device to charge controllers.

It has a dual-LED charging indicator and dual charging stations that charge fast. It has 2HUB & 1USB ports that help you charge other devices too.

  • Younik Vertical Stand Review

Younik PS4 Pro Vertical is remote and easy to install. It only needs a small push to fix it with the PlayStation. It can work well with Sony PS4 Pro as well.

Younik contains rubber stabilizers that keep your PS4 Pro steady in its place, along with anti-slide footpads that assure its safety. It dissipates heat with great skill.

Customers give Younik’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can buy it without a doubt.

  • ElecGear PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand

ElecGear has a cooling station that sets it apart from all others, and even its hardware setup is unique.

A switch that controls the duo fans dominates its features by providing fantastic ventilation of air. It has chargers for the DualShock 4 controllers and two more chargers for Play station move controllers. ElecGear PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand has four USB ports in the front with space for headphones too. It is compatible with PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro. It has a PSVR bracket. The only downside it has is it has no game storage.


These cooling systems support the PS4 Pro to live a longer life while dissipating heat and maintaining a safer temperature. It helps you play your games for an extensive period. As a whole, these are the best ps4 pro cooling system under different brands and prices. But a similarity they entail is that they are all essential for your precious PS4 Pro.

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