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Put Bernie Sanders and His Chair Anywhere with This Amazing Website



As you know that memers around the world filled the internet with Bernie Sanders and His Chair on unique pictures, and you might already see your Insta feed filled with celebs pictures with Bernie Sanders. If you want to put Bernie Sanders and His Chair anywhere then you can try a unique website that allows users to add Bernie Sanders picture anywhere, they want.

Now, you can use a dedicated website that allows you to add Senator Bernie Sanders and His Chair anywhere in the world if the Google Street View has that location. As Senator Memes started getting viral on the internet, a student and part-time web developer, Nick Sawhney, create a website that helps you to Generate Bernie Sanders Memes.

Put Bernie Sanders and His Chair Anywhere with This Amazing Website

Bernie sanders meme generator


On this website, you can search for any location you want and the website will add Bernie and his chair on that location with one click only.

Basically, this website act as Bernie sanders meme generator for memers and common social media users. It was started as a fun project created by Sawhney to generate images of Bernie sitting in unusual places.  

Bernie Sanders Meme Generator

Recently, because of the immense audience, the website has been archived as of now, but a developer of the website thanks everyone who used this tool, and according to the developer the site generate a total of 9,849,938 Bernie memes. Due to API Cost, a developer cannot keep the site going, and he requests users to come back later for upcoming information on the website.

As of now, Nick Sawhney is asking for help to decide where he can take this website from on Github.