5 Amazing Hacks for Your Human Resources Coordinator

Looking for ways to make life easier for your human resources coordinator. Check out these helpful time-saving hacks to get things started.

Human resources are one of the few departments in a business that doesn’t get the love it deserves. Too many people view the human resources coordinator as the “no” person—the person who always has to kill all the fun.

5 Amazing Hacks for Your Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator
Human Resources Coordinator

Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Any organization has to rely on their HR team to build a strong organizational culture by recruiting excellent employees and managing all the payroll, benefits, and other aspects of being in charge of a company’s personnel.

Thus, the better an HR coordinator can do their work, the better off the company is as a whole. In this article, we’ll go over five amazing HR hacks that your company should leverage today.

  1. Use a Pay Stub Creator Tool

In 2020, there’s no reason to be using a paper-based pay stub strategy. There are too many good paystub generator software tools out there that will get the job done to enable electronic, paperless pay stubs.

When you take the paper out of the equation and instead use a rinse-and-reuse template that a paystub generator gives you, you’ll not only reduce your company’s environmentally damaging footprint but you’ll also slice through payroll in half the time it used to take you.

  1. Use a Live Organization Chart

A live organization chart is extremely useful for employees of big corporations that aren’t necessarily very connected with the company’s leadership. A live org chart will enable your employees to go up the chain of command to see how the organization is structured.

This could motivate them to perform better in their individual contributor or middle management roles hoping to move up that corporate ladder. 

  1. Recruit on Social Media

If your HR department has been struggling to get good candidates to apply to open positions, then you need to leverage the power of social media. The next time a position opens up, blast the link to the job listing on the company’s LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.

For an added boost, get the direct manager of that position to do the same on their personal accounts.

  1. Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Another great recruitment strategy is to reach inward to find referrals.

Employees that already work at your company have a good idea of what it takes to succeed at the company. So if they refer anyone, you know that they’re more likely to be a better fit than a random individual who found your company online.

  1. Work with PR

Last but not least, every HR department should work with the company’s PR department to make the company the most attractive for job seekers.

Go after the “best place to work” award for your locality. Be seen doing community service and making an impact. Show prospective candidates how much of a fun place your company is to work at.

How to Make Life Easier for a Human Resources Coordinator

There you have it—by implementing these five hacks, and human resources coordinator will find their job infinitely easier.

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