About Us

Founder: Karan Bhardwaj

geekniusm founder

Karan is a self-proclaimed geek who loves staying on top of the latest gadgets, apps, software, and video games.

By day, he works as a digital marketer, helping companies expand their online presence.

By night, he reads about the latest tech innovations, tries out new devices and games, and writes reviews and commentary to share with other tech enthusiasts.

About Geeknism.com

Geeknism.com is a technology, business, and lifestyle blog created in 2023 by Karan Bhardwaj to share his passion for all things tech.

The idea for Geeknism came about because Karan wanted a creative outlet for his inner geek. He enjoys rolling up his sleeves and diving into the nitty gritty details of how technology works. He realized there must be others like him hungry for guides, news, and opinions focused specifically on tech products.

The Geeknism website launched in 2023 and quickly gained traction in the tech blogging world. Karan brings his personal passion, marketing expertise, and knowledge of the tech industry to every article. He covers topics ranging from virtual reality gear to developer tools to gadgets that make life easier. No tech subject is too big or too small for Geeknism.

While technology is a big focus, Karan also believes in work/life balance. He shares productivity tips for incorporating tech into everyday life. Gaming computers, software, and accessories are also fair game as Karan is an avid PC and console gamer himself.

The goal of Geeknism is to get people just as excited about technology as Karan is. Readers can come to the site to geek out over new products and innovations but also to get practical advice for choosing devices and apps. Karan combines the technical know-how with real-life user perspectives because he lives and breathes the tech world every day.

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