Hello, guys, today is a very good time to bring most awesome and very interesting for you. Now, I have provided you the best method to get 2DS Emulator. You can download with free 2DS games codes. And the important thing is you can use this guide to install 2DS Emulator for iPhone/ Android/ PC/ Window/ Mac. If you want to get more knowledge and getting this very interesting opportunity read this article with very concentrated.

Nowadays, this is the best century for all the Game loving people. There are many variety games are available for you. With a very awesome and interesting tool to make you more imagination with reality. So, I am here to talk about 2DS emulator for Android, iPhone, Window/PC/ Mac. This application is one of the best tools among I have experience in my whole life.

This application helps you to play all the games without getting their original emulators. For example, in GBA4iOS, you may have GBA emulators. The “2DS Emulators” help you to play many kinds of games like this. Now, today I am here provided the perfect description to download & install this emulator for Android, iPhone, Window PC, Mac.

2DS Emulator

2DS Emulator
2DS Emulator

Friends, if you can download the 2ds so it is not easy because it is an unofficial app. So, you can download the 2DS app from the Third party stores. And, there are many Third party app stores available for Android, iPhone, Window, PC but if you need to choose different Emulator for different devices.  For, example, if you need to use happy chick for Android, iOS 10/9/8/7/ iPhone0. And, in case of Window PC or Mac, you need to use some another one. So, to get, free 2ds games codes and emulator check following Guide clearly:

How to install 2DS Emulator?

There are many methods are available for installing this emulator. But today I am going to provide the perfect one. But, still, we have split these methods into many different methods depending on the device you have used. So, go through the following method with reference to currently you have.

Install 2DS Emulator for iOS 10/9/8/7/ iPhone/ iPad for Jailbreak:

The very important advantage for jailbreakers is they can make to get any version of the app by using Cydia store, so today I am going to use this technique to give this Emulator, let us see…..

  • Guys, first of all, you need to launch Safari Brower on your iPhone. Then open this link on that Brower.
  • This is one of Repo, so allow it to add your Cydia store. Go ahead with the return to Cydia Feature.
  • When the source is added successfully, you can search for happy chick app on Cydia in the search box.
  • And tap on that to install and follow the instruction to complete installation as I do all Cydia apps. ( use Happy chick link to see installation process clearly)
  • When it has installed, you can see the happy chick on your Home Screen. Tap on it to open.
  • Then you can use the search box to find 2Ds Emulator with anyone of you desired Games.
  • Once it has found in results tap on it again opened in another page then choose to get the button.
  • I think the download will start now when it has finished, go to “My Games” in Happy Chick, there you can launch this 2DS Emulator & Games.

So, this technique is very for all the jailbreakers. And I think and hope you will enjoy this trick. If you like it then please shares it with your friends and relatives. I have written this 2DS Emulator for non- jailbreak iOS 10/9/8/7/ iPhone devices. So, let’s see if you like to read this article.

Install 2DS Emulator for iPhone/ iOS 10/9/8/7/ no Jailbreaks:

As we already mentioned that this is not much easy to download 2DS Emulator on Non-jailbreak devices. Recently, more iPhone users are complaining and questioning that it was not opening properly for them. My suggestion is to try NDS4iOS. Otherwise, you can also follow this technique which is given below because I am sure that this technique will absolutely help you 100%.

  • Open Safari Brower’s on your iPhone and navigate this happy chick app.
  • Here, you can find the download link for a Happy chick so, use this to download.
  • Now I mentioned some important installation steps, so follow them carefully to install it.
  • Once, you have installed this app, go to setting>>General>>Device management>>profile>>trust the app.
  • Trust –app-for-iOS-10-9-8-7
  • Tap on trust
  • And open happy chick from your Home screen and launch it and it searches for 2DS Emulator.
  • Among the results, choose 2DS emulator with any suitable game and click on them. Now you move onto next page there choose to get an option.
  • I will start downloading both 2DS emulator &Game after that go to “Play Game” option in the Happy chick to start playing.

In this ways, if you want to use 2DS emulator so it helps you to play game with more attention. I really like it, if you use this application and you enjoyed it then please share your feedback about this emulator with us.

Install 2DS Emulator for Android

Many of you may doubt about rooting but before going to steps, I clarify here, that you need not worry about it because you can get it without those things, so, let’s see how it is….

  • Since emulator are not official apps, you have to enable unknown sources to install them.
  • So, first of all, open setting>>security>>unknown resources and just tap on it to enable. Now, you can able to install all kind of apps which is not available from the play store.
  • Unknown-resources
  • Enable unknown resources
  • And you have to install happy chick app on your device, so you can follow that link to download. There are you can also find installation guide just follow this to install quickly.
  • Then you can find the happy chick icon on your Home screen. This is the third-party app store for Android.
  • Open the app and choose the first option which means you are agreed to open.
  • Here, go to search box and enter 2DS emulator in that and wait for few minutes. In the search results, 2DS games will appear.
  • Tap on your desired game with 2DS Emulator, and you can see download feature on the next page follow that to start downloading.
  • Here, at a time two files will download among those, the game you select and the 2DS emulator is another one.
  • When it has download go to a happy chick and select play option here you can see download games&2DS emulator.

Friends, this is a very awesome choice for you because here, you didn’t root your android device. So it becomes too simple and easy for you. And if you want to play more game so this tool wills definitely helps you.

Install 2DS Emulator for PC/ Window:

There are so many types of the emulator are available for windows on PC. My best suggestion is iDeaS. I am saying this honestly because no other tool won’t capable to run NDS ROMs in our window PC. But in reality, this is possible by the ideas. If you want this so you can get this from internet very easily.

  • Go to official site Niantic store and there you can find a number of ROMs. Choose anyone among them and purchase to download for windows.
  • You can download this emulator by using this link given below. So, first of all, download it and install then go for downloading this.
  • Once you get it, either 2DS or 3DS you can ready to download and play the game.

I think this is very easy for the entire Android device discussed above. But, now you need to be patient. Once you get it, then go ahead and enjoy the more games for windows with this tool.

Install 2DS Emulator for Mac:

Recently, we will find this working very well. That’s why I am going to provide this guide only for you, so, go through it to get this beautiful one your Mac.

  • Firstly, download 2DS emulator by following this link.
  • Once it is done, go to the download location and tap on the downloading file at once. And click on it for Twice.
  • Thereafter drag and drop the DeSmuMe file and leave it in application Folder.
  • Now, you must delete the DMG file from download location. And open it from the desktop.
  • Finally, you have to download the ROMs along with the suitable games, now start playing this game within 2DS emulator.

This is the very awesome path to Mac users for getting this app on their device. I think there are not any other proper tools for them. So, if you loved to play then it is the good guide to you.


Friends, this is all about how to install and download 2DS Emulator for iOS iPhone/Android/ Window PC/ Mac. If you like this then follow our blog iOS fast updates to know the more related news. We are working to bring more emulator. If anyone getting the error while following this guide then tries to post and share a post and if you have any queries so please post your comment in the below-commenting box.

By Karan Bhardwaj

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